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About Our Company

One Gallon Media Group is a results-driven digital marketing agency fueled by intelligence, passion, and trust. Our work relationships are bound in respect and transparency — two very important qualities when your hard-earned money is involved.

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Our goals are simple. We want to partner with you to grow your business using our calculated digital marketing strategies. What do you say we reach more people, increase your sales, leads, and build on your success together?

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Your business is unique, so it’s only fair that our strategy to market your business is custom to your needs and goals. Get in touch to get a sense of how we can help. We’re ready when you are.

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Gabriel Cid

“Since we hired the OGMG team to handle our Google Ads and Facebook Marketing we’ve seen a huge increase in high-quality leads and website traffic. These guys are truly passionate and have helped us create high-converting landing pages and web copy. We are so pleased with One Gallon Media Group and the near-instant results they’ve produced for our company.”


What We Do

Google Ads

Here, google clicks become business revenue. Ranking higher than your competitors in google search is no easy feat, but with experts prepared to dig through the tangled web of internet weeds, you’ll generate more visits, sales, and high-quality leads in no time.

Facebook & Instagram

A well-rounded digital marketing strategy requires getting social. That means establishing a business presence on Facebook and Instagram. Millions and millions of daily users means an unlimited amount of conversion potential online. Our targeting ad campaigns will open up a whole new sales and leads funnel for your company.


Your social marketing efforts shouldn’t end with personal sites. Professional sites (we’re looking at you, LinkedIn) help expand your B2B marketing reach in unbelievable ways. But converting the network of professionals mingling on LinkedIn requires a different approach, including targeted audiences and geomarketing. High-quality inbound leads this way.

Conversion Rate Optimization

What good is internet visibility if your website isn’t generating consistent leads and sales like you hope? We’re passionate — some might even say obsessed — about capitalizing on the value of your existing users and visitors using Conversion Rate Optimization methods. We know how to encourage people to take action, just watch.

Landing Page Design

More than “looking pretty”, landing pages must be purposeful and designed with conversion in mind. Our landing page services are known to generate more leads at a lower cost, and increase sales. What’s more, they’ll make your eyeballs happy.

A/B Testing

You’d never give your customers an inferior product, and neither would we. By A/B testing your landing pages and PPC campaigns, you’re guaranteed to hike your conversion rates and increase your ROI. It’s our way of ensuring continuous improvement, always.

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Learn more about how One Gallon Media Group have helped clients around the US increase sales and lead by using unique Pay Per Click Marketing Strategies. With our expertise and knowledge in PPC Techniques, A/B Testing, and Landing Page Design we can help your business too.

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Let us audit your website and review your campaign structure. Give us 30 minutes and we’ll share our feedback as well as a suggested plan of attack. Contact us today!