A/B Testing

Put simply, A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of a webpage against each other to determine which one performs better. It’s also one of the best ways to increase your ROI and profitability of your paid campaigns.

Something as small as images, copy, colors, call to actions, and font can affect conversion rates, so if you’re not running tests on your current landing pages or PPC campaigns, you’re tossing loads of money down the drain every single day. Our team will test every nook and cranny of your webpages to determine what’s working and what’s not — this, of course, after we run a full audit of your existing landing pages and traffic sources.

Not saying we’re heroes or anything, but our meticulous testing services do tend to rake in the big bucks for our clients. Give us the go-ahead, and we’ll test …  test … then test, again everything from A to Z.

How We Do It

Website & Campaign Audit

To run tests, we first must know what we’re testing. We’ll audit your website, landing pages, and traffic sources to establish a baseline. If you already have a landing page that you feel is not performing as it should be, we can engage our A/B testing experts to identify which images, copy, and call to actions are performing best.

Test & Page Variations

As part of our A/B testing services, we promise to … test. Every test is different, but expect us to implement tests on headlines, form layouts, web copy, and more to help us generate usable, actionable data. Some circumstances require us to build a completely new page for testing — and that’s OK, too.

Data Results & Plan of Action

We’ll require some time to gather enough data to draw accurate conclusions from your varying webpages. But once we have it, we’ll analyze the data and work with you to define which metrics we should focus our efforts and devise a plan for exactly how we plan to improve those results.

Test & Repeat

One test won’t do the trick. We know there’s always another improvement on the horizon, but this is where it gets fun. We eat, sleep, and breathe optimization, so we’d prefer to run additional tests based on our changes and tweek where necessary to ensure you see significant improvements over time.