Case Study

Increase Lead Generation by 347%

Started from the Bottom: Introducing Real Estate Investment Giant ‘BrickOp’ to U.S. Buyers

BrickOp is a disruptive and inclusive real estate investment company that helps people get started in real estate by purchasing affordable, low-risk properties. Initially Denver-based, but with a potential digital reach across the country, BrickOp enlisted the help of One Gallon Media Group to optimize content and omnichannel marketing.

Here’s how we built BrickOp’s brand identity in America from the ground up.

An innovative real estate investment model, but...

BrickOp is one of the largest platforms for investment buyers in South America, but its unique investment model remained virtually unknown in the United States. Their company allows would-be landlords — particularly millennials — to purchase investment properties without having to scrape together large chunks of cash for a down payment.

Given that their success in generating quality leads of people interested in buying property hinders on highly-targeting digital marketing strategies, BrickOp approached One Gallon Media Group with one goal in mind: to introduce their real estate investment model to less sophisticated investors and replicate their success in the U.S.


No U.S. brand identity
Outdated website content
Zero traffic history & user data
Limited ad budget


Increase Visibility in U.S market
Functional, conversion-friendly web design
1,300% increase in traffic over three months
347% increase in quality leads

The problem: a modest marketing budget.

Not only was BrickOp’s bottom line burdened by zero U.S. brand identity, but they were also battling with industry competitors who spend over $1.5 million in monthly pay-per-click services. BrickOp’s start-up budget allows for just $8,000 in monthly PPC services.

The solution: creative ad targeting and campaign management.

One Gallon Media Group runs on strategic planning, continuous research, and optimization. It’s for this reason BrickOp trusted us to dive deep to understand the business, then find creative ways to establish a marketing strategy that would accurately explain a business model U.S. investors had never seen before.

We promised to deploy key PPC and Google Ads management, as well as Facebook marketing strategies to grow BrickOp’s online reach.

But first, we had to establish preliminary traffic history and user data.

The Strategy

  1. Stalk Competitors: Perform intensive research to uncover BrickOp’s most influential competitors and identify areas where BrickOp could outdo their online marketing efforts.
  2. Define Keywords: Uncover less-competitive keywords and open a window of opportunity to grow BrickOp’s online visibility while still remaining true to BrickOp’s core business model.
  3. Launch Google Ads: Create search campaigns, display campaigns, and marketing campaigns based on user engagement during the discovery phase.
  4. Launch Facebook Accounts: Create multiple AB testing ads to test picture engagement and long copy versus short copy during the discovery phase.
  5. Optimze, Optimize Optimze: Use new user and engagement data to drive ad performance and maximize ROI.

From Ground Zero to Real Estate Investment Hero

The results BrickOp saw in just 10 days were undeniable. Even better, we did it while sticking to their proposed monthly budget!

One Gallon Media Group focused on creating high-quality ads and efficient campaign management to improve BrickOp’s overall web footprint. We earned Brickop a better impression share, meaning their online real estate investment ads now show before their deep-pocketed competitors in search results.

Immediate results:

• Lead Generation on Increased by 347%
• 35% increase in impression share
• 4% spike in click-through-rate for real estate investment Ad Group in 24 hours

Results over time:

• Increased visibility in U.S. market
• 3,500% increase in traffic over a 6 month time period
• Reduced cost per acquisition by 90% on Facebook
• Reduce cost per click by 61% on Facebook
• Reduce cost per acquisition by 59% in Google Ads
• Reduce cost per click by 78% in Google Ads
• Effective use of creative, highly-targeted Google Ads

Case Point

At One Gallon Media Group, we’re primed and ready to deliver your business results —  whatever it takes. For example, when BrickOp’s advertising results weren’t performing to our liking, we dove back in.

The nitty gritty details:

When it was discovered BrickOp’s ads targeting REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) keywords weren’t performing to standard, we dug in to uncover the reason why. Turns out Google was penalizing the original ads because they didn’t clarify that BrickOp was not a REIT business, Therefore, our landing pages didn’t accurately reflect the user search.

We regrouped and hit Google with a more creative ad that told users Brickop was not a REIT business, but a BETTER INVESTMENT OPTION that allows landlords to own the entire property rather than a small portion. This change allowed us to bid on this keyword ethically.

The result? BrickOp’s click-through-rate rose by 4% in one day and their conversions started ramping up considerably.

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