Facebook & Instagram

Facebook: Yep, Facebook is more than just a home for internet memes and viral videos. With over 3 billion active daily users, it’s a treasure trove teeming with marketing opportunities for businesses. Facebook is THE most profitable advertising method due to the enormous amount of users. More users means more opportunity — more opportunities to reach new clients and generate an endless amount of profit creation.

Instagram: Shoppable posts? Yep, it’s a thing. Mobile engagement capabilities? It’s a must. When it comes to discovering (and buying) products and services people see online, Instagram is the engagement King. The rate in which users purchase and promote brands on the site is much higher than that of Facebook. Knowing this, why wouldn’t your business establish a presence on the influencer powerhouse?

But designing these kinds of social ads require a thoughtful strategy – one that is seamless and authentic. How about letting us get the input of your audience then set-up and tailor these campaigns to turn your best prospects into paying customers? We’re ready when you are.

How We Do It

Company Audit & Strategy Session

Peaking the interest of 3 million daily active users on Facebook as well as the influencers on Instagram requires a tailored approach to social advertisements. As is custom at OGMG, we’ll take extra time with you to learn and discuss on the front end so we can strategize and implement campaigns more efficiently on the back end.

Establish & Build Social Presence

Engaging images and compelling copy unite! We’ll leverage our knowledge of Facebook Ads and Instagram trends/capabilities to create campaigns that speak directly to the audience you want to chat with. We’ll make it so they can engage, comment, or buy in just a few clicks. Our goal — one we always hit and usually surpass — is to increase website traffic and drive revenue to your business.

Optimization & Remarketing Tactics

Sure, it takes a keen eye to monitor your social media campaign and advertising budget continuously, but this is precisely where maximum ROI is earned. We’ll weed through fields of data to run your ads and optimize your ad data. The way we implement A/B testing, strategic remarketing tactics, and conversion optimization all but guarantees we cut your ad spend without losing customer reach.

Analytics & Reporting

Each month, you’ll receive a comprehensive report to your inbox, outlining clicks, conversions, and other relevant campaign data that tracks your return on investment. Should you have questions and/or concerns, our virtual door is always open to guide you through the data and how we’re using it to drive revenue to your business.