Google Ads

Profiting from millions of Google users is every company’s goal. But scoring that high ranking can be tough without a pay per click campaign. You need a strategy — and a marketing team — that knows how to position your company in the best light for making money.

Enter Google Ads. Over time, a targeted Google Ads campaign will generate more visits, more high-quality leads and more sales to your website and away from your competitors site. Whether it’s revamping current campaigns, creating new campaigns from the ground up, or remarketing and retargeting others to specific customer demographics, we’ve got you covered. Choosing the wrong key words is a costly mistake. But rest assured we don’t waste money on trial and error because we already know what works.

We’ll evaluate your keywords for better opportunities and design compelling ads aimed at your target audience, all based on your unique business goals and profit margins. Sound like a good plan? We sure think so!

How We Do It

Strategy Session & Discovery

We want to learn about your business as much as possible. Who is your target audience? What is your value proposition? And what makes you different from your competitors? We’ll chat about your profit margins (so we know the budget we must consider) and your business goals (so we can run a successful Google Ads account tailored to your needs).

Competitive Keyword Research

Keyword Research. There’s that pesky phrase again. Google Ads allow advertisers (that’s you) to set a daily budget for each campaign bid for each ad group and keyword. This is why choosing the right keywords to focus your campaigns are important. We like to take our time to understand your industry and who your competitors are. We’ll enlight the help of our industry-leading tools to research and analyze your competitors’ campaigns and design one for you.

Killer Ads, Optimized.

Killer Ads are part of the deal, obviously. After doing an extensive research and data analysis, we’ll take all the information and turn them into effective Google Ads campaigns. These will be focused on your target audience, which will in turn, increase profitability. We’ll keep monitoring daily to make sure the performance of your campaign is top notch as data rolls in (this includes remarketing concepts). When the powers that be at Google change the rules once again, we’ll be proactive in making adjustments to make sure that you never hit a standstill on ROI.

Transparent Teamwork

The best way to create a profitable Google Ads marketing campaign is with your input and feedback. In our experience, working close with our clients have turned into profitable campaigns. We strive to build honest, fully transparent relationships with our clients and let the data speak for itself. We’ll track every goal you deem important and build custom reports that keep you informed at all times.

Trust us, you’ll grow to love us. (We hope.)