Landing Page Design

Watch out, effective landing pages coming in hot! We consider well-designed landing page to be a true one-stop shop, teeming with everything customers need to “buy in” to whatever it is you’re selling. If it’s collecting lead data you need, we’ll get that, too.

Our team knows what makes landing pages deliver: a perfectly crafted mix of memorable, clickable, and high-converting features for your products and services that generate consistent leads, drives sales, and tells your story quickly. Whether the purpose is to educate, increase customer interest, advertise promotions, or call to action, our custom designs will increase online conversions and user engagement at a fraction of the cost.

We’ll tailor your landing pages to a specific campaign, then perform neurotic testing on each page to make sure it’s performing at top level. Expect us to collaborate heavily with you on specific advertising goals, desired customer behavior, and budget. It’s our way of ensuring quality service.

How We Do It

Campaign-Specific Pages

Dedicated landing pages specific to your campaign goals often generate a much higher conversion rate than generic pages. In typical One Gallon Media Group fashion, we’ll work together to define your advertising goals and business objectives. Then we’ll tailor your landing pages to a specific campaign for best results.

Custom Content

Of course, you’ve got to look good to feel good. In addition to aligning your landing pages to a specific campaign, we’ll highlight your brand’s uniqueness with custom imagery and photography, creative copywriting, layout, and design. Your new pages will look beautiful on every desktop, browser, tablet, and mobile device.

Effortless Integrations

We will work with your developers to integrate form submissions on your pages. We’ll also introduce these pages to your marketing software and CRM, so that they become great friends who play well together.

A/B Testing

Things can always improve. Not only that, we want to be better than we were yesterday. Small differences in headlines, copy, colors, and layouts can make a big difference in conversion rates, so we’ll create multiple versions of one page then perform in depth A/B testing using tracking codes to collect data. The best performing style and copy wins.