Are you offering services and products, but not using LinkedIn? If so, it’s entirely likely you’re leaving money on the table. Marketers rank LinkedIn the No. 1 platform for B2B lead generation, making it great for sophisticated B2B targeting. LinkedIn’s extensive network of professionals offers a perfect B2B marketing platform for building valuable connections and generating leads.

With a little direction from your company surrounding business goals and target audiences, our team of digital marketing experts make sure our ads reach the LinkedIn inbox of your most targeted audience. Then, we’ll do everything we can to ensure those ads convert to high-quality inbound leads for your business.

The buying power that exists on this platform is much higher than the average web audience. We know exactly how to harness that power to influence your bottom line, and we can’t wait to do it for you.

How We Do It

Company & Website Assessment

Prospecting in the B2B space on LinkedIn requires an approach not at all like the one we use for Facebook and Instagram Ads. As is our way, we’ll learn your business and discuss your goals before ever placing one ad on the platform. We waste little time implementing campaigns that generate activity from the jump. 

Audience Targeting

LinkedIn isn’t bogged down with personal demographics common on Facebook and Instagram. Instead, it’s filled with career-related filters we use to our advantage. We’ll leverage company size, title, industry, and geographic targeting to identify and communicate with your target audience. After all, there are professionals all over the internet who need to know about your business!

Create & Optimize

CRO = ROI. Of course, we’ll create custom ad campaigns that entice all the virtual professionals socializing on LinkedIn. Then, we’ll implement conversion optimization tactics into our strategy to ensure maximum ROI. Our end goal? Increase inbound inquiries and high-quality leads to your site.

Analytics & Reporting

We’ll monitor clicks, headlines, images, audience reach, and more to track your return on investment. Each month, we’ll deliver a detailed report to your inbox that outlines your marketing progress. Our expectation is that we see vast improvement, fast, but should you need clarification on how we’re using your data to leads to your website, we’re always here to explain.